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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Special day

  As you can imagine with 6 children we have 'special days' quite often, but the MOST special days are the ones when one of the children receives one of the Sacraments. There's just nothing like it.

  Today was one of THOSE special days. #4 received her First Confession today.  This is her year for 2 Sacraments.  Today her soul got clean and washed free from sin! Over the next few months we will be helping her prepare to receive Our Lord in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. May 11th is her next special day.  We already have a dress and she is on her way to 'ready' spiritually especially now that her soul can be cleansed and filled with Grace as often as she needs!

  I set up her First Confession with one of the sweetest priests this side of the Mississippi! Fr. Peffley has been our pastor for the past 9 years. Up until recently when he got moved to a new parish. We've missed him! As I was helping prepare #4 for this day I knew she needed a unique experience....different than the other children. And that is what I wanted to help give her. Fr. Peffley baptized her as well, so she felt a beautiful connection to him.

Her are some pictures from our day out at St. Johns in Leesburg. After her confession we went to IHOP and had a tasty breakfast with Father! And tonight #4 chose what she wanted for dinner and dessert (hot cocoa with marshmallows and peppermint sticks for stirring- YUM, I will partake too!)

Angels are special to us all!

Ready and waiting

Inside St. Johns- dedicated Aug. 2012

The confessional...left door for her to enter

#6 with St. Therese statue in the garden area.

Thank you for helping with our special day, Father!

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