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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Funny story

I just had to write about the picture I posted yesterday. I took a picture of that ornament for a reason. It CRACKS me up and it reminds me of a period of time in my parents life that was let me just say 'interesting'.

To make a long story short we inherited a box of ornaments when my parents downsized their Christmas tree when all of us kids were grown and out of the house. In that box were many memories. Many ornaments I loved putting on the tree each year.

THIS ornament cracks me up because my parents use to ride a motorcycle not that long ago. After us kids were grown and had married they decided to give it a try. They bought a motorcycle and did several trips. Leather and all, baby!

So, when I see this 'santa on a Harley' makes me smile.  And I'm also grateful that they decided to do some more 'safe' things instead!

Love you Mom and Dad!!!

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