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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baking Day part 1

  We began our Christmas baking today, officially! Starting today the kids and I have 2 weeks of Christmas vacation! MUCH needed time off from schooling! They've worked really hard this first half of the year. They're right where they should be in their books and online programs. I'm sure glad about that because we can REALLY enjoy the lack of schedule and set the books aside without thinking twice these next 2 weeks.

  Today we had a few errands to run, but then just as the sky started to cloud up and the drizzle started we made it back to our warm cozy home, had some clean up chores to do and then some down time to be had and then the baking began.

  Actually, it's kinda cool I didn't do any of the baking today. The kids did it all by themselves.  They were able to make 2 of their 'family favs' without my help.

#1, 2, 3 and 4 made the Christmas Kisses Wreaths seen below.


And #5 and #6 made the Lemon Snowballs. They are a fav from Daddy's childhood that have 'stuck' with us and are Santa's favs too!!!

  Tomorrow I think we'll bake some more. I know Sugar cookies and Reese's PB cookies are in the line up!

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