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Thursday, December 06, 2012

A VERY special gift

For many years now (well, 12 to be exact-since we got married) I have been waiting for the 'just right for us' nativity set. The first few years we didn't have one. Then I found a cute one that was 'child friendly' and made out of some sort of clay like material. I liked it because the kids could handle it and it wouldn't break and it also served as our Advent calendar because with it came a card that tells what to 'set out' each night of Advent. Kinda fun! And perfect for the ages of my children.

Well, now the kids are 'older' and I still haven't found 'the one'. I have to be honest, the one I really LOVE sits in my parents house in Texas. Many moons ago they bought it in CO Springs. The figures are hand carved and just beautiful! I don't think we could find that same set today though. It's extra special and 'rare'.

I shared all this with my mom recently and guess what happened today? I got a box. What was in it...a beautiful new nativity set for US! I LOVE it! I've seen the set before. It's 'popular' in the realm of nativity sets I believe. But now, we have our very own. The kids LOVE it. They know not to dare touch it! And I'm just so darned excited that we've graduated to a big kid nativity set. We'll add more pieces to it through the years, but for now I'm enjoying this new addition and it's simplicity!!!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!!! It's lovely!

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Stephanie said...

Teresa, that looks a lot like the one we have. Is it a Fontanini?