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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 10 things I'm most Thankful for... no particular order.

#1 Our God who loves us unconditionally and wants to spend eternity with us!

#2 My DH who puts up with all my imperfections and loves me faithfully.

#3 Our 6 beautiful, healthy children who strive to obey us and love God through growing in their knowledge and understanding of our faith.

#4 Extended family near and far. LOTS of cousins for our kids. Amazing Grandparents to make memories with and a bunches of Aunts and Uncles too to spoil our gang and stand by us through parenting.

#5 New friends, old friends and those in between. Moments of honesty, laughter, 'growing up', being challenged. All of it!

#6  This beautiful house and property that we're so blessed to call HOME. God has been so good to us. I am so thankful for a warm, cozy and mostly peaceful and quiet (ok, so only now since everyone's sleeping) place to raise our family and make many new memories!

#7 Pictures! I LOVE taking pictures! I am so thankful for the camera I got a couple years ago from my DH and kids that takes amazing pictures. More than that though I'm thankful that a picture freezes a moment in our life and helps us hold onto memories with each other FOREVER. Lord, let nothing ever take that away.

#8 Family Time! To be honest, I'm so thankful for this because it's hard to get these days. When we have all 8 of us together, at home, its an even bigger blessing this year than it's been in the past because its been harder this year than ever before to 'have it'. I love spending time as a family- without distractions.

#9 I'm thankful that none of the kids are old enough yet to be 'out late'. I appreciate knowing they are all tucked in each night- safe and sound- under our our care! God help us when they're all going places and want to stay out later than I want to stay up!

#10  The blessings that come from educating our children at home. All these years have gone so well. There are hard days, but the good far out weigh the bad. We've done well and the children know they are blessed to be experiencing education in this unique way.

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