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Friday, November 23, 2012


My thoughts on 'this' day after Thanksgiving...

1. We had a lovely peaceful celebration yesterday.  Our gathering was small and simple.  Wonderful meal. Positive conversations. Laughter. Games played. Dessert. Football. Game time snacks. Winding down. Bed. God is good!

2.  The kids are busy today. Playing and having good 'ole sibling fun using their imaginations. They've been outside roller blading. Now they're in and some are playing Legos. Others are in some 'other world' with stuffed animals. And the 2 year old...she's not quite 'into' playing with the older kids, so she's rolling her 'baby Mary' around in her little stroller right now. She's content. They're all content...I LOVE that!

3. Leftovers! We have enough for lunch today. And I plan to use the rest for dinner tomorrow. 2 nights in a row...I just can't do. Leftovers aren't my favorite, but I do like them because they're easy! Tonight...David is taking us out to dinner. We haven't been out to dinner as a family in a while. I'm really looking forward to a break from the prep and clean up!

4. I've got something up my sleeve. Maybe a party that I host here soon. New Years Eve maybe?

5. I do some online digital scrapbooking. I'm over joyed today because last night I figured out how to batch resize the pics I took of the kids recently to put on our Christmas cards. Now I can get that project done.

Met this guy at the zoo a few weeks ago. Hope he makes you giggle! 

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