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Friday, November 16, 2012


1. Last night and this morning a majority of the conversations around here have been between my #3 and I.  Today was the day for the kittens to be spayed/neutered. Boy, oh boy! The drama that comes from my #3 any time she has to go through 'change' unbelievable.  She asked a lot of good questions though. She's a thinker! And of all the kids she's the best to have conversations with because SHE TALKS. She lets you know everything she's thinking.  Sometimes I think what goes on in her head is nuts, but then I just remind myself that she's only 8!

2. Tomorrow morning I take my oldest to take the academic test and have an interview with one of the faculty members of the school she wants to get into for next year- 7th grade! Really!? She's old enough to be going into 7th grade!?      sigh

3. Its been a bit chilly out lately, but not cold enough to NOT play outside. I just sent all the kids outside to play before we have our afternoon quiet time. Good for all of us!

4. My #4 is really smart for her age. No, I'm not 'one of those parents' who thinks her kids are the smartest! or that they're 'something unusual'. In fact, thus far I think all my kids are average learners. But because #4 IS #4 she began school earlier than the kids above her. She was reading at age 4 1/2. She's always had #3 pulling her up quite literally and figuratively.  So, she's 6 1/2 and doing 2nd grade work this year.  IN some areas she performs better academically than her 8 year old sisters who due to vision issues is slightly behind her peer group. Anyway, I gave some background to my #4 so maybe you can get what our 2nd emotional break down was like today. MATH FACTS!!! She absolutely melted down because she 'couldn't do' her math fact sheet today. Refusing help and screaming about it for about 20 min. I finally punished her and 'got through to her'.  In the end she conquered the page and did great! Lesson learned? Mommy is always willing to help explain how to do something, but Mommy will NOT give out answers! Mommy will help you use the brain God gave you the way HE intended for you to use it. I think THAT is exactly my #2 goal in educating my teach them to THINK for themselves!

For these things I am learning to be thankful!

After their last game...the team sat on the fence for pictures. 

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