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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Game Time post 2

Truthfully, we have so many games that sometimes we forget what we have and don't play something for a REALLY long time. Then one day we magically rediscover it and then we play it many times over until it's 'lost' again.

The game Sequence for Kids was introduced to us MANY years ago. When we first moved to VA my #1 was 2 1/2 years old. Not long after we moved and made new friends we took a vacation to the beach with some of our new friends. On that vacation we played Sequence (for adults) for the first time and both DH and I loved it. Then we heard about this kid version and we've had a lot of great times with it since. So, the game is about 9 years old. It's held up pretty well and the BEST thing about this game is that my 3 year old can play it and it's not sooo 'babyish' that he feels like he's playing a baby game- that's his 'big thing' these days, making sure he's doing big kid things.

Go on down to Target or Walmart and get this game if you're looking for something that appeals to kids about ages 3-8 or so. We often do teams anyway when we're playing a game since not many games that we own are made for big families.


Kristy Dixon said...

My kids love playing Sequence! One of them got as a birthday gift a while back. I didn't know there was an adult version.

Kristy Dixon said...

My kids love Sequence! We play it often. I didn't know there was an adult version.