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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

All Saints Day

For us Catholics one of the GREATEST days of the year is Nov. 1!!! Why you may ask? Well, because on this day every year we celebrate all the Holy men and women who lived remarkably beautiful and holy lives on this Earth and who were given the title Saint by our Church because of the very holy person they ARE.

We celebrate All Saints Day on Nov. 1!

I'll admit it can be a bit tricky to dress 6 for Halloween and the next day 6 for All Saints Day. This is how I do it...

For Halloween we try to keep things simple and never 'gory'. We aim to use things we have or just other simple 'tools' to aid us in coming up with the costumes and designs. I love the creativity that comes out!

For All Saints Day we don't buy anything either. We have so many things around the house to help us do some really great Saint costumes. And the best part is the KIDS are in charge of this one. I'll help them tie things or pin things or whatever, but they are the designers and the 'finders' in many cases. Most things they need are not 'obvious' so they have to really get thinkin'! Love it!!!

This year for All Saints Day the plan for #1 is to help with all the games during the party. Our homeschool group has a great party!

#2 is going to serve at mass- that's his costume. He and #1 are kinda growing out of this a bit. But they are ready and willing to help in whatever capacity which makes me just as happy.

#3 is going to be St. Zita. She was a maid servant. A poor girl who worked hard to please her employers and who often sacrificed her own food and such to give to the people who were poorer than her.

#4 is going to be St. Elizabeth of Hungry. She was born into a royal family

#5 is going to be St. George because what little boy doesn't at some point want to wear armor and carry around a sword and shield. St. George was a knight!

#6 is NOT going to dress up this year. She just isn't quite old enough.

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