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Thursday, October 18, 2012

THIS is tough part 4

I enjoy getting on here and just being REAL with ya! Sometimes, oftentimes, it seems to me that 'blog world' isn't REAL enough.

So, my post is about yet another part of life as parents that is just plain tough. You may have seen my other posts with the same title. If not, read 'em and know my honesty in this.

Tonight's toughness is different I think. I'm realizing this as my parents are in town this week. They're visiting from Texas and pretty much spoiling us with their love and GOOD EATS!!! Last night we had steak...and DANG its hard to cut up meat for so many littles who can't do it themselves. I realize this each time we have a meat that isn't 'easy' for them to cut. Yowza!!

My 'tough part' might not seem like much to complain about...but sometimes the hard times aren't SO BIG. I'm just being real!

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