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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Me! Right now!

I'm in the mood to type about ME! Is that totally selfish or rude? I hope not. Really what I'm typing about is not anything meant to be boastful or anything like that. I just want to chat a little about where I'm at right now. No, not where I'm physically at...I'm just sitting in our home office- THAT's not exciting.

I want to share about ME by first telling you (in this post- more to come about ME) about my priorities at this time in my life.  I think you will learn a lot about me by understanding how I see things. How I make decisions day to day about life ie, what to do when, what not to do when, etc.

Make sense? ok! Here goes...

One of the realizations I've had recently which is helping me understand myself and others better is the answer to the question 'just what are my priorities?' I believe through getting to know myself better I'm understanding more about why I do what I do day in and day out. My priorities right now are plain and simple. Ok, well, not so simple sometimes, but THIS is my path to holiness!! Right now, what I believe I am called to spend my prayer, time and energy on are these things:  growing closer to Christ daily through prayer and studying our faith, keeping a clean comfortable and mostly peaceful home,  providing good healthy food to nourish our bodies as best I can and last, but not least, giving my children a strong foundation in their faith and in education so that as they become more independent kids they can go out into the world having made the faith their own and ready to mature into adults.

Now, as you read this I'm sure you might be saying well, doesn't THAT sound like a 'rosie life'. However, make note that I'm not posting this to 'paint a perfect picture' or anything like that. Mainly I'm posting this to remind myself of the reasons why we make the choices that we make day to day.  Like the choice to keep our children home with me all day everyday, the choice to spend or not spend money on the things we do and DON'T spend money on, and also the choice to not just look at the present day/week/year, but to plan ahead so that we also do what we believe is right for our future and our kids future.

We live different than most people!  We do say no to many things we know others day 'yes' to, but some may still say 'really? I don't see it'.  I'm not willing to say a lot of details here because I know who reads my blog.  We don't share a lot of our decisions because we believe they are personal and private when it comes to money and such.  We have a couple close friends we may bounce something off of from time to time, but mainly the decisions are ours and I must say I am pretty proud of how far we've come and I'm totally psyched about where we're going with our plan for the future.  God has blessed us  so much and He expects much more from us!!!! Bring it!

More on this later, but for now...I must get the day rolling so I can get to my Mommy Boot Camp (my new found way of taking care of my body so that I can balance my needs with their needs) This is another subject for another day, but just briefly- I make time for myself every day, but I try to balance this with the needs of my children. I only work out 2 times a week.  Maybe I will add another day some time, but for now I feel this gives me a good workout, some time for me AND I am still able to stay on track with homeschooling, meal prep. and general child care.

Have a great day everyone! The weekend is NEAR!!!

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