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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Life often feels like a roller coaster ride

Today was one of those days. Ups and downs all day long!

We slept in this morning after having a lovely date night last night. We went to mass 'late' knowing neither of us wanted to get up and sprint through the 'getting ready for mass routine'.  After mass we came straight home to prep for brunch with friends of ours. The food turned out lovely. Egg and sausage casserole. Fresh mango, raspberries, strawberries and black berries. Coffee, OJ and AJ for drink options and MONKEY BREAD for a treat! MONKEY BREAD was first introduced to me in college. A household sister of mine would make it every once in a while and we all knew when she did because the whole dorm smelled cinammony sugary. YUM-O!!! Want to try the's sooo NOT healthy, but foods that are 'traditions' are an important part of growing up, I think (that's another post for another day), so do a search for 'monkey bread' and you should find it.

Anyway, we were really enjoying our time with friends and simply indulging in the peace and calm that is Sunday around here when my 8 year old daughter ran into the house talking 90 mph about something bitting her or something. I have no idea still what she was saying, but my 'mommy reaction' just started helping her take off her sweatshirt and trying to 'see' whatever it was I was trying to 'see'. Ya, 15 seconds later...I find yellow jackets getting her real good. She got stung 3 times and we had one still flying around in our house. She was hyped up and kinda shaking, but not going nut-so hysterical like my oldest daughter would have been. I'm actually shocked she handled it all without even a tear.

Not 2 minutes later my 3 year old boy came in the house...crying, complaining. yep! You guessed it...he had one under both layers of his shirts...he got a sting too. He didn't handle it so well, but he's 3, so the tears and whining were to be expected from him.

In the process of clearing the kids of the bees, my husband got stung on his hand. And our 'guest dad' killed 3 or 4 in our house.

Our house was loud, energetic, histerical for about 20 min. and during that hit me how THIS is LIFE with 6 children. For whatever reason it's like there are these 'flare ups' of chaos every know and then and well, it's simply crazy time! I don't know how to describe it other than that way. If you life in a big know these moments in time. I suppose even in 'not large families' you have these moments with maybe the main difference being the noise level. ; )

20 min to half an hour later...the house was calm again. Our friends had left (maybe because they'd had enough chaos for one day). The babies were napping. The big kids were off with friends. And we sat down to put our feet up and watch football.

Up and down. Up and down. Every day we ride this roller coaster. Some days...the hills are really high and some days the 'valleys' are really low, but each day...we keep moving through. And when the ride/day is over...thank God we can look back on all these adventures which have made us a family and given us memories to share.

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