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Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm not in control

No matter how often or how much I want to be in control...I am soooo NOT!

Today was our first day of school, but someone had other plans for my little ones/big ones and I.
1 1/2 hour into the day my #4 (girl) and my #2 (boy) had an accident. Her mouth into his head! OUCH!

The result...a quick trip to the dentist to see if the teeth were ok or possibly needed to be removed.

And now, I have a 6 year old daughter missing not 2 but 3 teeth! Yes, she looks super cute and she's thoroughly enjoying her 'new look', but really, God, what are we to learn from this day!?

Lord, you know what we need. You 'get' that we need to be forced to surrender MORE of our life, more of our wants and desires, so that we are truly living each moment according to Your will and not our 'ideal'.

Apparently, THIS is what I'm meant to be learning right now! Man, He can be so clear or should I say He is so clear with His messages...we just struggle to listen.

Pictures of my toothless cutie...once I find my camera to computer connector. ; )

PS We still got some school work done!

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