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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Almost time

If I can get my act together we'll be starting our school year on August 13th. 95% of our boxes are unpacked! 90% of the contents are put away! We're doing pretty well, but I still don't feel 'settled'. Having a goal to start school next Monday is driving us to completing the other tidbits here and there.

I've had time to sit with a calendar and enter in 4 9 week periods with some days off for holidays, birthdays, vacations.

I've gone through everyone's courses so I know in my head what each one is doing for the year. I just have to put down on paper what each day/week will look like. That's a long project and honestly, I'm having a hard time sitting down to do it. I'll probably procrastinate and do it at the last minute. That added time pressure helps me get things done sometimes. I'm phlegmatic/melancholic...what can I say!

Part of each day this week I have been able to prepare a little for our new school year. I love starting the new school year mainly because I love the structure of our days and the goals that each child has and in general I find my kids enjoy checking things off their 'list' and that makes me happy!

We have also been enjoying the 'summer like' schedule of this last week with no real routine. Some of the kids have actually been sleeping in a bit. ; )

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