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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A heart of Gratitude

Lately I've been hit with how little who show our gratitude in this family. I know we feel thankful, but it's deep down inside and we don't voice it enough.

Does anyone have any tips for helping a grow a 'heart of gratitude' in children? I know my DH and I need to model it and we need to for sure work on that, but I'm wondering if anyone has faced this challenge and conquered it!?


Anne McD said...

We certainly haven't conquered it, but during evening prayers, I try to have everyone come up with something from the day they were grateful for. My sister taught me this years ago, saying that some days, the best she can come up with is being thankful for clean underwear, but its something! :)

Elizabeth said...

I do the same thing with my kids, before we start prayer, we have to discuss what we are grateful for...I find it really interesting what the kids deemed was the most "exciting" thing of the day.