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Monday, July 09, 2012

THIS is tough part 3

Sibling Rivalry

I feel like one of the hardest things about every day life right now are the little tiffs that go back and forth between the children. Being the referee is draining and half the time I'm not present for the start of the conflict, so I'm 'down one' from the get go. Missing information from the beginning of the argument makes it really hard to manage things fairly, right!?

Ever since the children were little we've tried to teach and encourage them to work through their problems with each other, but of course, sometimes that's just too much for kids and they really need us to sit with them and help them through these tough situations where emotions are high. During these times when I sit and listen...I just want to SCREAM because so much of what they fight about it so miniscule, so insignificant in the 'big picture'...ya know?

But, recently when I was 'in the middle' of my 2 middle girls' argument all I could think about (which was really Grace from above) in the moment was just how important it was for my girls to hear each other, for each one to have a voice and be truly heard by the other. I feel the process of coming to a resolution is very important. But I'm not sure I get it all yet. I'm actually reading a book right now about teaching your children to resolve conflict. I've just started it. If you're interested in the title leave me a comment and I'll pass it along. 

All this to say THIS is one of the 'hard parts' right now. I'm navigating us through it! I beg God for his strength each day and for His Grace which is sufficient for me! 

Gymnastics camp week! These 2 have a love/hate relationship.

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