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Monday, July 09, 2012

These summer days

Good example of why we hope to be blessed with a real size pool some day! They do so love playing in the water!

Oh man, I am feeling DONE with this summer! This is a problem since it's not even mid July.  I'm not happy to admit I have not enjoyed the lack of structure in our routine. I decided way back in May that when we finished school I would lay off of lots of the daily 'stuff' around the house and just let the days feel FREE. I guess I kinda wanted to TEST us to see how we'd do without the structure and routine being like it is during the school year- which is scheduled but also allows flexibility to be built in.

It's REALLY hard for me to run this house without structure to our days. I guess it's part of my temperament? I wanted to try to do less because I wanted to experiment with my kids and see how each different kid did with less structure. MOST didn't do so well, some didn't seem to notice and I think that's mostly due to their age. What I noticed most is one of my kids needs 'lessons' in entertaining herself. She is a LOST child without a sibling next to her and guiding her play time. I need to give this serious attention and set up times when each child has their own space and is forced to keep busy or TAKE A NAP!

So, I've decided once we move NEXT WEEK...I'm going to ease us back into some structure each day. I'm glad I've done the testing and now I know how some moms 'do it' but as for me and my house...we will be better people if we have structure each day.

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