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Monday, June 11, 2012

We're MOVING!!!

We found our new home!!! We close on 6/15 and the sellers will rent back the house til 7/15, so we'll move around July 15th! Logistics are yet to be decided, but we're starting the process already.

We have things being done on our current house so we can put it on the market ASAP. The kids and I are already boxing things up in order to 'cut the clutter' and have less to 'deal with' while showing the house off.

We've been soo busy I haven't even had time to think about what I should blog about. Moving stuff out has been such a priority, well, THAT's what I blog about. Here are some pictures I've taken to capture these memories.
We're gonna miss this house! Lots of memories!
Kinda neat how the PODS system works. 

I mean fill it with boxes not the KIDS!?
Officially ours- now time to fill it!

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Unknown said...

We're excited for you to move closer to us!! I'd love to come over and play with the kiddos while you get stuff done? Let's talk soon!