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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Always learning

The day began with feelings of frustration. I was tired from the get go. We had a huge storm last night that knocked out our power around 11pm. The house quickly got hot and when we left our house this morning for our sons game we STILL didn't have any power. We began fearing how long this would last.

While my husband and I were getting ready for the day the children went to the basement with flashlights and book lights to have some fun with the power outage. At least their spirits were high!? After about 20 min. my oldest son came up crying in pain. He said he stubbed his toe (he thinks? it was dark so he didn't really know what he did). We gave him a little sympathy since we both know that can really hurt badly. But when the crying went on for 10,15, 20 min.+ we started to get a little frustrated. "Its a stubbed toe, son, how can you still be crying about this? Toughen up? Get ready for you game!"

He cried some more then did what his dad and I said and 'toughened up and got ready for his game'. All of us went to his game. He played sooo well. He ran through the pain he was still feeling. He limped quite a bit.  He hit 2 for 3 and one of those was a HOME RUN! He played a really good game. We are so proud of his team! They one the game!!! He got to bring home a trophy for it! What a great baseball player he is becoming!

We get home and he's acting normal UNTIL he takes off his sock and then WE REALIZED...he does in fact have a BROKEN TOE. No, we haven't gone to the doc, but we have had enough injuries in our life to know what something looks like when it's broken. This toe is broken.

And we have learned an important lesson. Yes, 99% of the time when the children come to us in pain their injury is small and the pain doesn't last long. And then there are some times like today...when we have to dig a little deeper to really understand the course of events that led to the injury and try to really listen to the injured child. It's a tough place. It's hard to figure out some times and WE ARE NOT PERFECT.

He'll be ok. He'll heal fine I'm sure. The rest of the day he was on and off ice and had his foot elevated and his spirits were high and his behavior normal.

Please just keep our guy in your prayers! Thankfully he's done with camps for a few weeks, so we can take it easy and let him get back to normal before he heads off for a week away from home with the Cub Scouts.

Brother bonding over a bucket of ice/water to help with the swelling. 

Right middle toe- broken

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