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Monday, May 14, 2012

THIS gift is for HER

Its been a while since I've put up a new post. My family is in town and for the last several days we've been going, going and going. We haven't been running places the whole time. We've also been cooking, watching movies, cleaning dirty baby bums, feeding many mouths, laughing, eating REAL good food...and celebrating my #3's First Holy Communion...THAT's what this post is about...

First Holy Communion

Check out this pictures of my #3. My second daughter...on her long awaited special day.

with my older brother and his wife, her godparents

#3 has been waiting for this day for sooo long. She was so beautiful! The day was gorgeous! The whole thing was really a little taste of Heaven. If only we could all receive Jesus each time 'like it was our first time, our last time, our only time to receive Him'. This was the prayer our paster shared with all of us during this homily (teaching time). This prayer needs to be close to our heart.

After her First Communion we went back to our house and served appetizers and drinks to everyone...that was 26 people. It was a great party! The food was amazing. It seemed everyone had a great time. 

For those of you who aren't Catholic and may not understand why receiving Holy Communion is so near and dear to our John Chapter 6 and ponder it! That's all I'm going to say!

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