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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Proud Momma

At this place, the present time, in my life one of the things that brings me the MOST joy is seeing my children do whatever they're doing well. It's not just THAT that brings me joy it's seeing the struggle to succeed. Being good at something has a price, right? When I see any one of my children work really hard to do something well and then actually DO it well! That's a moment of 'proud momma' heart...I can feel my heart swell in these times.

I've mentioned before that my first born son LOVES baseball. He's been good at it since he first began back 5 years ago in Tball, but he's never been THE BEST.  He's for sure a help to his team. He works really hard and he talks about baseball about 55% of his day. Yes, he wants to play MLB some day. I don't know if he ever will, but he has that goal and he's gradually working at accomplishing that goal.

When I watch my son play heart swells. I get really into it WITH him and I LOVE that he and I can connect through our LOVE of sports. Thank you God for him! The gift that he is to our family and the relationship we have that's different than what I have with any other child...that is strengthened by our love, excitement and knowledge of sports. I am convinced 100% that God gave me a love for sports so that I could connect with this little boy in his unique way! I am grateful for THIS!!

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