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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New lens

I haven't posted a lot lately because we've had family in town. I just had to get on today and tell everyone I got a new camera lens for Mothers Day!!! I'm so excited! I feel its already made a difference in the kind of pictures I can take...and I haven't even read about how exactly to use it and when.

Here are some recent pictures capturing my families visit...

See for yourself how my new Zoom 55-200 Lens is working for us!

My oldest- ugh, she's getting so big!

My dad, looking good and 72 year young!

My sweet goddaughter from Ohio!

2 oldest Ohio cousins and 3 of my kids.

A REAL smile from my 6 year old!

The best thing about this new lens is that I don't have to walk up to the subject I'm photographing. When taking pictures of kids or nature or's nice to not have to get real close to the subject. When you walk up on kids they 'look at you' and sometimes that changes the moment you're trying to capture. 

I love it! I'm having fun using it!!!

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