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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


One of my biggest desires is to become a better photographer. Pictures are works of art. An amazing piece of 'frozen time' in the middle of busy life. A moment in our life- captured forever.

I have so many opportunities on a given day to take pictures of these wonderful children I've been gifted with. I don't want to let these moments pass by.

I have a great camera that can do all sorts of neat things, but I haven't figured it all out. I know one thing for sure...I do need another lens. Maybe for my birthday at the end of the summer? The lens I have came with the camera. It's basic. It doesn't allow me to take close pictures from far away which is a 'problem' when you have children because then you can't as easily get the 'natural pose' since you have to walk up to the subject and that distracts them. So, I'm on the hunt for a new lens and then I'll 'drop the hint'! My birthday's in August- not too long to wait.

But I also need to do some learning. I took a class about 9 months ago. It was very helpful in teaching the terminology and how a camera works, but I want to take a class that will be about practicing taking pictures.

I'm on the hunt for this too...I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do to reach this goal of mine!

Not sure if I took this or if my kid took this, but it's NOT a good picture

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Stephanie said...

Teresa, my camera has the same issue...almost no zoom. I am interested, though, in how you did your banner at top of the blog. How did you work a collage?