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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You may not know this?

I'm a space and night time sky fanatic!! Any news or events that have to do with space, the planets, the stars...I eat it up. So you can imagine how excited I got a month ago when I heard about the space shuttle Discovery coming to fly around our area and be on display in our local Air and Space museum. Wow!!! How amazing!

I have to be honest...because I heard about this a month ago...and didn't put it on my April calendar...i forgot about it! Until last night! That's when I kinda started to panic.

But this morning I got up, took my shower and then turned on CNN just in time to watch the LIVE take off from FL. Then I began to really plan! 'I gotta take these kids to see this!' Seize the day, right!!! Be part of history! We're home schoolers...we can do things like this spur of the moment!

I called a good friend and invited them to join us! We boogied to get ready for the day and out the door...

Here are some pics from our adventure!

Waiting for our friends! We got to ride in their big van!

Eyes toward the sky!

Waiting and waiting and doing a good job staying occupied with hand rhyming games.

There she is! Hard to see in this picture, but she was beautiful and awesome in real life!

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