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Friday, April 27, 2012

Our first Entrepreneur Fair

A woman in our homeschool community organized a fabulous event for the children.  6 months ago (or thereabouts) she informed us there would be an entrepreneur fair in April. She encouraged us to have our kids start coming up with ideas and 'getting to work'.

I knew this would be something my girls, especially, would love to do. They're crafty and things like this just excite them! I have to admit I was pretty excited about it too. So, I informed the kids this would be happening and sure enough their wheels started turning.

Now, I knew from the start that I didn't want to be doing all the work and that I wanted to encourage them as much as I could 'from the sidelines'. I actually did a search on how to 'help' your child learn entrepreneurial skills. The MAIN thing was to not squelch their idea no matter how 'bad' you think it is or how 'little' you think they'll sell. I'll be honest there were some ideas I just knew would be too much/too hard to actually follow through on and I had to 'steer' them away from those, but other than that I let them come up with the ideas. After much going back and forth in our own home...they invited their 'new' and amazing friends to join in with them to help add to the FUN!!!!

The planning and 'crafting' really didn't start taking shape until 1 month out. Hey, we all work a little harder and better under pressure, right!?

I'll just say...this whole experience taught ALL of us a lot!

The girls decided on naming 'their company' GIRLS TOWN. They sold beaded bracelets, friendship bracelets, homemade cards, and cute cupcakes. Here are a few pictures from the day. All of us had a blast and look forward to the next fair day!

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Molly Melnick said...

Cute Pictures!! That was super fun . I am sure I BLEW it on helping them have their own entrepreneur spirit..I wanted cute stuff!!