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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Our Domestic Church during the Triduum

For those of you who don't know this, the word Triduum means '3 days'- the 3 days before Easter: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. I promised to share the simple things our family will be doing over the next 3 days to prepare our hearts and our home for the GLORIOUS Easter Sunday.

Here's a peek into our Domestic Church. My hope is that you might be inspired to try one of these 'simple things'. My prayer is that you do not feel 'out done' or 'intimidated'. We each can give to our family different things at different times. A mom with 3 small children may be able to do nothing these next 3 days except keep her house running. A mom with older children can maybe do more this year than last year.  And others may need to travel to 'see Grandma for what might be the last time before her passing'.

Please look at this blog post and all other similar ones as simply a window into our home where I share how we do things and what's working for us now. Things are always changing. One year I remember most of us were sick during these 3 days leading up to Easter- we did nothing that year- AND THAT'S OK!

The biggest desire and purpose of my blog is to document our life- for the sake of remembering these days and our traditions in the future- for my own kids and their families...and secondly, to share 'our life' with those of you we don't share with often enough... family living far away, family living near that we only do some of our 'traditional celebrations' with because we all have our own families, and friends who I haven't shared 'these parts' of our life with before.

How you LIVE LIFE is BEAUTIFUL and unique and JUST what your family needs!!!

Holy Thursday: we've been cleaning today. Mainly 'normal' things like catching up on folding and putting away laundry, neatening bedrooms, and in a bit we'll clean both the upstairs bathrooms.
This evening, we'll sit down to an early dinner. Honestly, I don't know what I'm making yet. I had planned to make roast and have it cooking all day, but I forgot to pull it out and let it thaw all night, so now, I'm thinking of asking my DH if we can go out to eat. I've had sick kids the last 3 days, and I don't feel well either (just a cold, but it's draining to be sick and take care of sick children- ya know) so I'm hoping I can get a break from the kitchen tonight...after all, I'll be cooking plenty of the next 4 days!

Tonight our church has a special mass at 7:30pm. Because we have little kids who go to bed at that time my DH and I alternate years and only bring the 'big kids'. So this year my DH will go to the mass with our 3 oldest children. Our 'rule' is the kid in First Communion prep that year and the ones older than her get to go to the mass. It's long, but beautiful. We believe the child needs to have the desire to go. For us, around age 7 or 8 is when they have wanted to go!

Good Friday: DH has taken the day off work tomorrow. I'm so proud of him! He was convicted to do it by our pastor last weekend. And he cleared his calendar and did it. That's hard to do when you run a big company. Lord, please help our day be fruitful because of this!!! 

Anyway, tomorrow the kids and I will make this Hot Cross Buns recipe for breakfast. I'm going to try this recipe this year. Maybe we'll like it!? After breakfast we'll spend the rest of the morning doing some 'hard cleaning'. I'm planning for us to do things like: wipe down walls (the get kinda gross and dirty), sweep out and organize the garage (it needs to be done more often that we actually do it) and I'm hoping we'll get to some yard work too. 

Our parish has Stations of the Cross tomorrow. DH and I will either take all of the children together or we'll do our own version at home. At 3pm we will also start our Divine Mercy Novena. We will also make this craft from Lacy at Catholic Icing (probably led by my big kids) to help us stay committed to this novena. Tomorrow night I will take my 3 older children to the Good Friday service at our parish.

Holy Saturday: Holy Saturday always feels like 'somethings missing'. Jesus IS missing, but we are not to lose HOPE. He WILL RISE UP!!! 

We will spend the day doing more cleaning and house preparing and then we'll start some of the food prep. for our Easter feast. We will also let the kids dye eggs (a tradition we did not have on my side of the family, but my DH did this as a kid and our kids LOVE it). 

I'm going to make this craft at night so I can set it out and surprise the kids on Sunday morning. Shhh!
I'll take pictures so you can see how it turns out. We were going to do an Easter garden this year, but it just didn't happen. AND THAT'S OK! Maybe next year? or maybe not!?

Easter Sunday: 

Hunt for eggs inside (another tradition from my husbands side of the family)
Go to MASS!!
Easter dinner menu:
  I'm trying a few new things this year. It'll be just our immediate family this year. The local relatives all have other plans this year.  I'm going to experiment this year with some new food items. I got some of my ideas from my dear friend, Mary, at SMAM (sorry, long name). I'm super excited to do the lamb this way. We have lamb every year, but this year I'll try out this new recipe. I'm going to make the Lemony Chickpea puree too and the Raisin Caper Salsa Verde. The kids may not like those 2 dishes, but we'll see. So, here's the menu:
Deviled Eggs
Cheese and Crackers (appetizers)
Marinated Lamb
Lemony Chickpea Puree
Raisin Caper Salsa Verde
Mashed potatoes (my dad's way)
Fresh Green beans
Chocolate pie
A fruit pie

My tummy's growling...

Have a blessed and Holy Triduum and a Lovely Easter celebration!
I will not be posting again until next week.

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