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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nature walk

Today I decided to be a little spontaneous. After lunch the kids and I packed up into the car and drove about 5 miles down the road to see the Bluebells. These flowers are just beautiful especially when they peak, but we're about 4 days too late.  The flowers were still pretty but just not vibrant like I expect they were last week. We just couldn't make it out last week.

We had a lovely walk together just enjoying nature and the simple beauty of God's creation. threw us a CURVE BALL and we HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!

We stopped a few times along the trail. One of our first stops was a little path that led us to the creek. The kids started skipping rocks. I was watching but not totally focused on what they were doing. Then, it happened, my daughter accidentally threw her little purse out into the creek while she was skipping rocks. Sheer panic hit! She was going NUTS. None of us were sure what to do. It was really far away from us and there was no way any of us were going to wade across to get it. The bank on the other side was really steep and full of trees and brush...that wasn't an option to getting closer. Finally, I thought maybe we could get a long tree branch from the ground and try to make the water flow towards us.
Well, that seemed like the only option, but it seemed like it'd never work. THEN all of a sudden a breeze blew and the purse started to make its way back to the side of the creek where the children had been standing. It seemed kinda surreal that it was actually moving on it's own. Quickly my 9 year old son grabbed the tree branch we had found and helped the purse continue to come the right direction and then he hung the purse handle on the branch and brought it to my daughter. It was amazing to watch them take care of this problem. My son was such a hero and his sister was so THANKFUL!

What a day we had! Here are some of the pictures we took!


He just had to be 'all boy' and cross the bridge the dangerous way!

Best friends

Silly sisters

Can you find the swimming purse?!


Stephanie said...

So glad your son got the purse. I love your Easter picture at the top of your page!

Molly Melnick said...

Love the header..we have to figure out why it is over to the side so much. We have to change your template...who knows how to do that??
Looks cute though!!