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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Holy Week 2012

We are about to enter the Triduum. The most Holy and special 3 days in our liturgical year. I was asked 'how will you celebrate and prepare for Easter?' As I ponder what our plan will be and how we will keep some traditions and add some others...I feel a need to go back to simplicity. I so easily get way too 'into' the preparing, the work of making things, cleaning and such and I forget that the focus is sacrifice, love, and the commemoration of Our Lords passion and death. It's all too easy to lose focus and get wrapped up in all the 'stuff' I want to do. So, for me and my family I'm feeling called again to keep it simple.  Most of our preparation will take place at our church.  We plan to be very 'busy' with the different things our pastor will have available to us during the Triduum and other than that we'll be cleaning and maybe even purging some if I have my way.

Our plan:
Holy Thursday- clean upstairs, bedrooms and bathrooms, catch up on laundry
                          7:30pm Mass

Good Friday- Clean main floor, mop, vacuum, bathroom, dust
                       1pm Stations of the Cross
                       3pm Divine Mercy Novena begins
                       7:30 Service

Holy Saturday- More cleaning, yard work? Easter Sunday food prep.

Easter Sunday- 8:30 or 10:30am Mass
                       Noon family meal and Easter celebration

More tomorrow about our couple simple and CHEAP and meaningful domestic Church traditions!


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