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Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a hard thing

  One of the hardest things about being a mom (or dad) with many children (by many I mean more than 1 really) are the times when they are really needy which seems to be frequent when they are little. See, here's the thing, when more than one child has a need or many needs you have to stop what you're doing and help them therefore you have to choose that child and his/her needs over the other child/children. That's tough to do.
   Let me back up. I clearly remember the days when we lived in Texas and I brought home baby #2 from the hospital. The first week or so went pretty well all things considered, but when my in laws went home and my husband when back to work boy, did I have to learn some hard lessons. Back to where the post started...Hard lesson #1...prioritizing neediness. Here's the scenario...1 toddler is crying because she fell down in the back yard on the cement patio and skinned her knee and is bleeding and at the same exact time the new baby is crying because either he pooped or he wants to eat AGAIN. It's loud. And the needs must be met, but 'who first'? It's a rough decision. And it's stressful because of the volume they're creating and the urgency of their 'issues'.

 Now, flash forward 8 years and here I am today with another scenario like this only now with 6 children. Only 3 of them are really needy today! Thank goodness! Here's the scene (not currently because thankfully the 3 'needys' are all sleeping)...I have a sick 6 year old. She vomited at 5am and 6am and so far nothing else, but I'm keeping her in my bedroom on the sofa. She's doing better and has kept down water, and a couple bites of banana so far. Then I have needy kid #2 an almost 3 year old boy who didn't have a nap yesterday AND stayed up later than he should've last night AND didn't sleep in a bit this am in fact he woke up EARLIER than normal at 6:30am. What!? I don't need to explain why he's needy- and to prove it- he fell asleep on the sofa at 12:30pm. Yea, enough said there. Then I have needy child #3 aka 18 month old teething baby girl=lots of crying and whining.

  What lesson is to be learned in all this? I think one of the lessons on days like today is that nothing is more important than loving your children. Nothing else really matters. I can stop sweeping the ka-billion crumbs under my table to hold the teething baby and read her a story. The crumbs will still be there when I'm done. I can ask my older kids to 'hold down the fort' so I can bring my sick daughter more water to drink. Everything and anything can wait for me while I love my children a little better today than I did the last time they were needy.

  Off to 'get some strength' to face the neediness again when nap time is over. I'm hopeful though that 'good rest will a good child' make'!!! ; )

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Stephanie said...

Great post and definitely a reminder I needed. I hope everyone is feeling better today. Saying a prayer for good rest for all over there. : )