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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I've had this post on my heart for a couple weeks. Today's the DAY to get it out of my mind!

One of my very best friends, Mary, over at and I had a conversation recently about the 'world of blogging'. Specifically we were talking about the level of privacy we uphold on our blogs.  Here's what I mean...I think the 'world' of blogging can be a misleading place.  It can be frustrating to read a blog faithfully and not really fell you KNOW who you're reading about, but that's just a blogger you have to protect your own privacy.  Honestly, you can't or should I say probably SHOULDN'T tell ALL.  As my friend Mary you want to run into your kids school principal and have him/her ask how your married life ups and downs are going? Or how you're doing with your eating disorder?

It seems most bloggers 'paint a rosy picture' of their life and rarely tell the 'bad and ugly' side. Why is this, you ask? I believe it's because they realize there is a line of what can/should be shared and what shouldn't. Let's face it...cyberspace has proven it isn't a safe place. People's privacy is invaded every minute. You hear the stories just like I do.

It's my opinion that we should share our 'deepest darkest thoughts and feelings' with only a few people in our life. You decide who.

So, if you're a blogger and you're reading this...think about it...where is your line?

If you're not a blogger and you're reading this...let me know your comments. I'm curious...


Mary said...

Dang, maybe I shouldn't talked about that heating pad The Hubs gave me for Christmas! Just kidding.

Mary said...

Shouldn't HAVE talked about. doh!