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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Grateful for this moment

One of my favorite 'mommy moments' happened today! Let me explain. It's really very simple!
The kids played outside most of the day. I'd say from about noon on. The weather was glorious!!!

Being a homeschooling family Thursday's are a lighter day because it's the end of the week and as long as the kids have worked hard on Monday and Tuesday then by Wednesday the work load sorta tapers off.

So, most of the day they were out, away from 'the screens', away from the toys...simply playing, growing in their friendships with each other, making memories and majorly using their imaginations! Love it!

But the main 'mommy moment' feeling came when at around 5:30 they were all inside and winding down for the evening. The sun's going down. Dinner is warming (leftover night). 2 kids are in the shower. The babies are happily playing. I'm doing a few small chores. All is peaceful. All are good and tired!

I love days like today! I love it when my kids can BE outside playing and BEING kids!!! Actually I'm reminded of my childhood. We would spend many hours outside and I remember fondly the things we made up to play.

Their day will come when papers, exams, etc. will call them away from the 'great outdoors'. And I know their day will also eventually come when they'll have a job and on a nice day like today they may be sitting behind a desk or counter or whatever.

So, for now...Carpe Diem!!! I am thankful for this moment in time!

The 4 bigs...just 'hangin' out!

Bye for now!

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Donella said...

I agree 100%. I love having the windows open and listening to them play. It just warms my heart and I try to cherish each of these moments. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think. Especially when they are running around in their crazy costumes!!