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Monday, March 26, 2012


My kids are so blessed! They have all 4 grandparents still living AND all 4 are healthy! I don't think they fully know the gift this is, but I do.

My paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother had both passed away by the time I was born. My maternal grandfather I actually remember pretty well even though he passed away when I was about 8, I think. My mom was amazing. She was so good to him as he neared death. We visited him weekly. She took me to the nursing home with her. I was 'so popular' among the residents and I carried around a baby doll all the time that the residents told me they thought 'she was real'. I remember visiting my grandpa. It made an impression on me.

My paternal grandmother, Ruby, just died last summer. She lived to be 100 1/2. Even though I wouldn't say I had a close relationship with her I can say I knew her the best because I spent more time with her than I did with my maternal grandfather. She lived such a long life that her passing away wasn't real sad. I am finding that the hardest deaths to deal with are the lives that seem to be 'cut short' in the 'eyes of the world'. Ruby, amazed us all with her mind. She stayed 'sharp as a tack' up until her last couple of months of life. Not many 100 year olds can say that!

Enough about my grandparents though. What I want to reflect on is the gift my children have been given. Both sets of grandparents have been married 30+ to 40+ years. Both sets are solid Catholic marriages. And both sets are very involved in the lives of their grandchildren.

My parents have 15 grandchildren ages 1 year - 18 years. My parents live in Texas yet they still take the time to come visit us at least 2 times a year. They typically spend a week with us. It's always a treat to have them here.

My husbands parents have 11 grandchildren ages 1-10 1/2. Their laps are always full at gatherings! We get to see them at least once a week! What a gift it is to live near them and to be able to spend time with them so often.

I am so thankful for these years of memories the children are making with their grandparents. And I think it is so beautiful that each grandparent is fully 'invested' in spending time with them by sharing stories and special memories with all of them. They are a gift- each one of them- to my children AND to my husband and I.

And now a picture tribute...

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