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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Safe and Sound!

It's no news that having 6 children ages 10-1 is hard, really hard sometimes. It's also no news that I'm not a prefect mom! God has really been speaking a message to me LOUD and CLEAR the last few weeks. Friends of ours are going through some really trying times with one of their children. It's been heart breaking to watch, but 'being there' with them has helped me hear the voice of God more clearly.

The lesson? What is it you ask? Well, it's grateful while your children are young and very demanding that each night they go to bed and are safe and sound- tucked in, cozy, peaceful and innocent and YOU (all of us parents) know where they are and it's HOME!! Your home! The best place for them, right now!

Good night! Off to just 'be' with my boys! Daddy and the 3 big girls are dancing their legs off at the AHG Father Daughter dance- Square dance. The baby is in her bed- safe and sound! And the boys and I are finishing up one of the Star Wars movies.

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