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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pinning it Down? Part 4, 2nd Edition

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I had several of you who want to see my Family Binder, so I'm going to do a 'second edition' this week for Pinning it Down. Visit, Sarah, at Amongst Lovely Things for more links to GREAT ideas from Pinterest.

Family Binder (I'm short on time, so this will take 2 more posts)
   I have learned the hard long way that a family binder is not about implementing 'someone else's ideas', but rather it's about you and YOUR family. So, the first thing I did in deciding to do a family binder was to accept that our family is not like any other family and therefore I would NOT be re-creating someone else's binder.

Step 2...What are the things I want this binder to help me with? I knew I wanted an organized method to the 'family managing' that I was doing in my head and on 23 different post-its and lists! So, I took what was in my head and decided I needed 'space' for the following 'areas' of our family life (in no particular order) : Meal Planning, Birthdays/Anniversary Reminders, Weekly Schedule and Emergency Information are the most important things on a daily basis, so I decided to start with these and know I will likely add areas as I see the need. These 4 categories are the bulk of my planning. I have a plastic page protector with a template for each category that I fill in as necessary and re-copy when I need a new one. Here is what they look like....

This is the Monthly Menu Planner page. I try to plan my meals a month in advance. I'll admit- it's hard to do, but I at least have a goal to reach for.

This is the Emergency Contact Info. page. I'm debating having this on the side of the fridge instead of in the notebook that way it'll be visible to the children and the sitters.
Duty calls! This post is TO BE CONTINUED...

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