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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More of what we do...
I mentioned our calender yesterday, but I must give credit where credit is due. I actually got the idea from this blog which I dearly LOVE. I just changed a few things.

So the kids and I filled in our calendar 'holes' today with these things...Monday's are 'no juice', Tuesday's are 'no screens', Wednesday's are 'pray an extra decade of the rosary, Thursday's are 'no snacks', Friday's are 'no meat' and 'donate to the poor' (i usually ask them to give a quarter or two) and Saturday's are 'no cereal'. Sunday's during Lent are celebratory days! In fact all year long every Sunday is meant to be a day of celebration...a reminder of the Resurrection of Christ. He is not dead! He is alive!!!

Ok, now, I want to show you another one of our Lenten practices. I think this one is my favorite. Every Friday during Lent we set aside time to do the Stations of the Cross. I often time will take the big kids to the church in the evening for the 'more official' Stations of the Cross, but I've found the way we do it at home to be more peaceful and it's also a teaching time for the littles and middles. Here's what we do...

First I light all our votive candles! Then I quietly gather the gang. 

Next, using the book pictured below I lead the children in the Stations of the Cross. When a station is done the children take turns blowing out the candle. The darkness in the end makes a big impact. The mood is somber which I think is good!

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