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Friday, February 17, 2012

Meatless Meal Ideas

This isn't an exciting post, but let's face it...meatless meals? Exciting? No, but reality! Life is NOT all 'rosy' people! And Lent is REAL! There must be sacrifice in order to get to the RESURRECTION!

Lent is just around the are some of our Meatless Meals. I always browse around to find new ideas too. Pinterest has some great stuff! I'll be adding to this list.

Marinated Salmon- we aren't huge fans of fish, but this one we all love!
Breakfast for dinner- eggs, pancakes or waffles and some sort of fruit
Quiche- my MIL has a simple quiche recipe- cheese or mushroom
Broccoli Cheese Soup- a new one I'm going to make this week
Stuffed Shells- new recipe
Egg Sandwichs
Shrimp Pasta

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