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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lent in our Domestic Church

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! Already it's time to figure out what practices we've used in the past and will continue this year and what new things we might add to our Lenten journey.

I want to share first the calendar we use to 'journey' our way through Lent and explain how we use it.
Here's a picture...
You may notice that the days aren't filled in yet. That's because the children and I will choose a different 'lenten practice' for each day (ie, Monday's- give 50 cents to the poor. Tuesday's- no screens, etc.). We'll sit down tomorrow and make some decisions.

I like doing it this way because I have several small children and I feel it's 'easier' for them to accomplish things in small chunks.

This is one of our Lenten practices. I will post more tomorrow.

Good Night!

1 comment:

Paul Fifield said...

I love this idea!!!!! I'm going to try it with my kiddos too! Can you give me some ideas of what you put on each square?
Your family is beautiful!!