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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our 'Saint of the Year' 2012!

  I got this fabulous idea from Catholic Icing, a blog that I read alot, to choose a patron Saint for your family each year. At the end of December I chose St. Joseph for us this year! Among other things he is the patron Saint of House Hunters which brings me to 'why' I chose him for 2012!

  I'm very excited to make this announcement because the reason I chose him is we are looking to buy a new home this year and sell the home we're living in. YES!!!! So exciting!!! We're looking for more property and a home that is a better 'fit' for our family of 8! Or should I say a home that our family of 8 fits better in? Whatever! We have a realtor helping us out and we've only just begun. We've driven around and tried to narrow down what areas of NOVA we like and would consider moving to and we've looked at just a few places, but nothing has been right yet.

  So, we pray to St. Joseph for wisdom and guidance throughout the year. We will be doing some special things throughout the year to get to know him more and we'll for sure be directing our prayers towards him. His feast day is March 19.

  Stay tuned for updates on our home search and the ways we're growing closer to this amazing Saint!


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Great idea. We are searching a bit too . . . we would love more property as well. Praying for you all!