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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!!!

   It is NOT over, people!!! Today is the 4th day of Christmas and we are still celebrating in our house. The secular world is so confused! If you didn't know that- you may be too, but I have something to teach you...
Despite what the secular world says and does- we are striving to be different in this family! We start preparing for Christmas with the First Sunday of Advent. During the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas Eve we prepare our hearts and homes for the birthday of Our Savior by focusing our prayer on drawing near to the Holy Family, by cleaning our souls of the sins (choosing wrong over right intentionally) we've committed which hurt our relationship with Christ and we also spend more time with family by baking together, decorating our home together and also looking for that special gift that will make each person smile! I love Advent! It's my favorite time of the liturgical year!
   Where we (our family) may seem really different is after Christmas because for us Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are just the beginning of the Christmas celebration. It is indeed a season of celebrating. Yes, 12 DAYS of Christmas!!! The last day of Christmas is the Feast of the baptism of Jesus!
  So, if you like 'the way we roll'...come celebrate with us! We have some special things planned!!

Merry Christmas from our family to you!!!

We take this same picture at the top of the stairs EVERY Christmas morning!

The troops were up at 4:30am! Can you tell!? This was taken after mass on Christmas morning!

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