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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heart full of gratitude!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends! 

Just a few things I'm thankful 2011! 
God, my Heavenly Father
Jesus' saving love and the promise of Heaven
The guidance that so obviously comes from the Holy Spirit

My husband, my companion for life
The hope I find in the love that's always growing
The knowledge and expectation of adventures together- 'till death do us part'

My 6 beautiful and healthy children
All of my extended family members, near and far, their good health and safety over the past year
Our 5 God children

Our warm cozy home
The memories we share
The blessing of being able to buy the food and clothing we need

Our homeschool group and the freedom to school our own children
Our parish family and The Sacraments which unite us to Christ
All of our friends, near and far

The company, TPG
The friendships we have shared the adventure with: Todd, Sarah, Bobby, Patti, Larry, Laurie, Blaine, Carrie, Victoria, Ann, the Burke Family, the Doman Family, the Norton Family and so many others

Our alma mater! The 'place on the hill' that was a stepping stone meant for my journey.
Little Flowers Household past, present and future- sisters and dear friends for life!

And for the simpler things in my life: reading inspirational books, the ability to drive my kids to and fro, our piano and the lessons I received growing up, digital scrap booking, crafting, vacations, spontaneous fun, my crock pot, wineries, the beautiful state we live in,
time with friends, the list goes on...

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