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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prayers for a tough decision

Please pray for me!? I have a big decision to make!

The story...

On Thanksgiving morning 2010 I was headed down to the basement where our treadmill is located. It was about 6am. I had the lights off in order to keep the gang resting quietly for a while longer. As I was headed down the stairs I missed the last 2 steps and fell right on my @#*. Automatically I experienced a pain like I've never felt. Ok, not near like my first child birth experience which was 'a la natural', but it hurt a whole lot. I screamed for my husband and he came to help me up and get me to the sofa with ice on my ankle. Later we went to the ER mainly to find out after xrays that 'nothing is broken'. I left the ER with the instructions to ice it, try to put some pressure on it in time and basically keep on with life. We went home to HOST Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to my husband who 'rocked in the kitchen' that day- we had a lovely Thanksgiving Day!

6 months later- still not able to go up and down the stairs normal, so I went to the orthopedic doc which was who the ER doc recommended as the 'next step if needed'. He took xrays and did moved my foot around a lot and sent me away with 'no broken bones and 2 months of PT' to strengthen my ankle muscles and increase tendon flexibility, etc.

After 2 months of PT (which was very hard to work into life with 6 children) I knew my ankle was a lot stronger because going up and down the stairs was a lot easier and I could exercise almost 100% again. BUT I still had a lot of aching pain whenever I did exercise and I also didn't feel like things were where I expected them to be 9 months after the injury. I'm young, I'm active- why is this not healing!?

July 2011- I decide to go see an foot/ankle specialist for another 'look see'. He first recommended an MRI which he said any doc would say to get done at this point. MRI done. MRI report sent to doc 1...
FINALLY, an answer to why this foot/ankle injury isn't healing...a fracture. Yep, back on Thanksgiving morn- that fall down the stairs gave me a fractured bone right between the Talus and Calcaneus bones. I guess when the tendons and ligaments pulled with the foot twisting they actually pulled a piece of bone with them- who knew? Ya!

So, it's Oct. now and here is where things stand. I've had 3 opinions on my ankle thus far and I hope I don't feel the 'need' to get anymore opinions. Here's the summary of what each doc has said...

Doc 1- said 'you could try a custom shoe insert for use when exercising, but if I were you I'd have surgery done to screw the bone into place.'

Doc 2- was a 'I just want to get you out of the office as quickly as I can so I can see the next patient' kinda doctor. He suggested cortizone shots (1-3 times) and then said the piece of bone was too small to try to screw so he would just remove the bone fragment.

Doc 3- told me from the start he like to take the more 'conservative' approach. He recommends trying to allow the bone to heal on its own since we never really did that, so he'd put me in a boot for 6 weeks to see if it will heal. Then if that doesn't work he'd do surgery. Potentially being 12-14 weeks in a boot with possibly no driving.

Do you see my dilemma? Pray for me. I have no idea how to go about making this decision.


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