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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Let it REALLY begin

My life is about to turn a bit crazy...let me explain. This is the week when activities/club/etc. start back up again. I am teaching my 7 year olds First Communion class which I've done twice in the past for my older children. It requires that I teach a lesson AND make it interesting and fun EVERY week. It's a lot of work, but I DO really enjoy it. I feel teaching these little ones our faith is one of the most important things I've been put on this earth to do. I take it very seriously and I don't 'water it down'. Both CCD classes from the past have gone very well and I know my co-teacher and I have reached these kids and planted little seeds that they'll never forget. I'm grateful, so grateful for the Grace God gives me to teach what is right and true and the wisdom from the Holy Spirit to teach what is necessary and

I'm also one of the leaders for my 5 year olds American Heritage Girls Pathfinder unit. FUN!!! 5 year old girls, singing songs, playing games, learning for the first time how to serve in the community and do 'scout type' activities....can you imagine anything more EXCITING!!!! Seriously though, I think it will be a good time, but it does require planning and prep. which means TIME!!! Thankfully the group only meets twice a month and I have co-leaders so I don't have to plan every months meeting. Whew! That would be a lot on top of the work required for CCD.

Guess what else starts...Boys club for my 8 year old, Irish dance classes plus an extra show class for my 3 oldest girls, an advanced writing class for my oldest DD, den meetings for my cub scout, baseball games and practices, softball for my DH!

Yep, busy time here we come. I LOVE IT! I may sound like I'm complaining but I do like running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Why, because I love that my kids are active! I was so active as a youngster and I enjoy allowing my children to discover what they love, be with their friends and make new ones, learn to be part of a team, learn what it means to be committed to a team of people, succeed and make mistake and learn from both.

LIFE IS TRULY GOOD! (and yes, I love that brand)

This face says it all...she turns 1 year old NEXT WEEK!

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