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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall's in the air

I love fall! I can't proclaim it enough. There's just something about the changes from summer to fall that make me happy! Some of my favorite times as a family are baking in the kitchen, apple picking, looking for pumpkins, walks through the color filled trees. The cooler temperatures mean cozy cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate even. The leaves changing colors means the days are getting shorter and the nights longer which I like because when it's night time it means my babies are all under my roof- safe and sound.

Boy, do I dread the day when my babies are out 'later' and not under my roof all the time. That's a topic for another post though.

Probably my most favorite thing about fall are the smells! Apple, spices, cinnamon, pumpkin!!!

Bring it on, God!!! I'm ready!

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