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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time to begin

  Tonight is a school night in our house. Tomorrow we are starting up the new school year. In general everyone is excited about the 'newness' of it all. I am too, but I will sure miss the 'lazy days of summer'. I really enjoy starting the school year. It's fun to have a routine and I look forward to the 'lights' turning on in their little noggins! I get to learn right alongside them too!

  Over the past few weeks I've taken chunks of time to plan and get organized for this year. The children will be in 5th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st grade. One of the main differences this year will be that the whole family will be studying American History together and the whole family will be working through a couple different content areas for science- anatomy and some basic chemistry and zoology (zoology doesn't go along with the others really. It's just part of a science co-op that we're doing with some friends).

  History and Science will require a lot of my time and patience which means growing and stretching. I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure the kids will be great encouragers since I know they'll be anxious and I know they'll enjoy the subject matter. ; ) We're going to alternate working on these 2 subject during nap time.

  I use to try to schedule our day by the clock, but with 2 babies this fall I'm going to have to not rely on the clock to keep us on task. There are simply too many unpredictable things that come up throughout the day with 2 babies. Putting the pressure of the clock on us just makes life stressful.  This year I'm using more of a 'checklist approach'. Each school age child will have his/her list (for the week- really lesson plans) and I will keep them moving through their lists. That way, life can happen and we (ok, maybe just me) won't go crazy if we're 'off schedule'. We'll try it this way and see how it goes and if we need to make adjustments.

  Wish us luck!

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