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Friday, August 05, 2011


Homeschooling the children and managing all aspects of the home is my life! Lately I've been hearing talk about when/if to stop homeschooling. Some people seem to think that if you're thinking you'll eventually put your children into school then you should put them in during elementary school and take them out to homeschool during high school. At least this is what I'm hearing around here.

Here is why I disagree with that method...

#1 One of my many motivations for homeschooling my children is to have the time (more than just the infant, toddler and preschool years) to build a strong foundation with them. I'm talking educational foundation, of course, but even more importantly than that I mean spiritual formation. We all know they are sponges when they're young, so I have my whole heart involved in giving them the age approriate content in all subject areas AND I have my whole heart and SOUL pouring into their littles SOULS the truths of our faith and the depth of Our Lord's love for them. Teaching them day in and day out how to grow in virtue not vice, choose life over death, choose good over evil and love our God and our family with all their heart.

#2 I believe strong faith formation begins at home and is practiced in our daily living in the world. I also believe we need to be tested and we have to sorta 'prove' our faithfulness to God in order to grow stronger and more holy. Reason #2 I believe in 'sending them out' when they are a bit older is because I want them to be tested. I want them to be forced to make tough decisions and I WANT that 'first test of their faith' to happen while they're still at home 'under our care and guidance'. What I don't want to happen is for them to never 'go through' some of the trials of being a teen and then hit college one day to be inundated with well, whatever is there. I guess what I'm trying to say is I want them to have some practice in the real world before they enter it. Get it!?

So, I beg to differ. My hope is that the foundation and strength that they need to live in the world NOT of the world as Catholic young people is being set and solidified now. My prayer for them is that during their highschool years when they will be tested on some level, but are still living under our roof, they will know that we are here to help them and guide them in making the right decisions for their life. My prayers is also that they know we love them unconditionally and without end! AMEN!

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