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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Age 2, with my 5th child has been really hard. The scary thing is...he isn't even 2 yet. He won't be for another 6 weeks! Huh!? I know why it's so tough to get through this time. Here's my opinion...he's the 5th child and the next child up is a whole 3 years older which means the 4 'big' kids are schooling, participating in clubs, playing sports, etc. He get's left out. He need our attention more and I (especially) need to do a better job giving him my attention, daily! It doesn't take much to just sit on the floor and play trains, build with blocks or read a story. I'm not too busy to do it! I just have to choose it and act on that decision! That's it!

You'll see the good and the bad of the 'terrible 2's' below...
'NOOOO, Mommy' (whinny voice) is a common phrase of his.
'Are you getting this picture, mommy!?'

'I hope you're still watching me through the camera.'

'Cheese'! 'I love the attention you're giving me, mommy.'

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