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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awards, Clean souls and laughs

Crazy title, huh? Well, this past week we full of the 'stuff' that makes our life exactly what it is...real, unique, fun, challenging, yada, yada, yada...

As you'll see from the pictures below there was a lot going on this past week and the week ahead looks to be promising too.

He loves his little so much he'll even wipe her spit up away! I know all my kids love
each other and have all along been developing real relationships with each other, but I have
never seen any of them full of as much love, care and concern for another as this little guy as for
his little sister. It is amazing! He's always snuggling with her, hugging her, giggling with her, telling me
she needs me. God is good! The two are a gift to each other and to our family!

She earned her first AHG badges this week! AHG is a Christian form of Girl Scouts. We're loving it so far!

My almost 2 year old has a great sense of humor! I look forward to years of laughs from his 'funny ways'! I think this  picture will be called his '007' pose! 

"We're just a little excited that we received our First Confession!"
These 2 kids
LOVE LIFE to the fullest! I hope they rub off on me more and more as they grow up and
that they never LOSE that LOVE for LIFE!

Cuter every day! Nearly 6 months old.
No teeth yet, but soon, I think! Starting solids slowly.
Sleeping 8 hours straight at night. We're falling in love with her more and more!

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