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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing Daddy, again!

My husband 'warned' me some time before Christmas that his traveling would be increasing in 2011. Well, we're in the midst of it and its NOT fun! I think the hardest part is knowing he is hundreds or in this weeks case thousands of miles away. I feel that's even harder than not having his help with the family. I always pray for his safety, but when he's miles and miles away I PRAY MORE!

Right now, my husband is on the way Rome! Yes, Italy! I'm so proud of him! He was recently asked to be part of the newly formed Foundation for Evangelization through Social Media. This weekend is their innagural convention. So, jealous!!! I could have gone with him, but I just couldn't get myself to be okay with leaving the children. You're saying 'what?', but the deal is I am already going on a long weekend trip to FL in a couple of weeks. The FL trip came up first and the tickets were purchased. The really good news is that the Rome trip could very well be a yearly 'thing'. I'm hoping this is the case.

So, he's gone...all weekend. The part that's a huge bummer is none of us really get a weekend. Weekends without him are NOT weekends.

Miss you already, daddy!

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