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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm passionate about schooling my kids at home! I'll tell you 'why' another day, but today's post is about some changes we've made to our curriculum. Since post Christmas break all of the children are doing their math work on the computer. The older children 'grew up' using Saxon. Over the summer I introduced the 2 of them (2nd and 4th grade) to typing on the computer via Mavis Beacon and math fact practice through a game called Times Attack. They LOVED both, naturally! But when it was time to hit the Saxon books in September I faced some hesitancy for the first time. They looked at me like I had 6 heads. Why? you ask. Well, because they (well, their brain) had 'experienced' the computer and all of a sudden it dawned on them that math could be learned in a more interesting way. This was a hint to me that something needed to change. I feel it's important to be in tune with their learning needs. I'm not too set in my ways to let them direct us into new changes. Afterall, if they are excited about what they're learning or the tools being used to instruct them then they will be naturally self motivated!!! That's one of the things I think are necessary for peace and productivity in our homeschool.

The K and 1st graders are using a program called Dreambox. I like this program because it's educational and fun AND because it does a fantastic job keeping me, the parent/teacher, up to date on what they're learning, when they accomplish a 'milestone' and what they need to work on more. I love that! Is this their only form of math? No. But this program covers both the visual and auditory styles of learning. The girls also do some math via workbooks. Again, the visual and now also kinesthetic styles of learning. Note the picture below too and you'll see the K, 1st and not yet 2 year old...sorting, measure and creating...math for all! We call this 'our Montessori learning'. It was student led! ; )

More on the big kids new math program later.

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