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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good times

It turns out there's a threat of snow this afternoon and we woke up this am with sleet and ice on the roads, so the schools are closed which changes the plans for our day dramatically. We will not have dance class tonight and we'll be staying inside. I love the warm snuggly feeling I get when it's cold and dreary outside. I especially love it when I feel like doing something different because of it.

So this morning after breakfast was finished and the am chore list was conquered I decided to fill up the whistling tea pot, pull out some of our favorite winter books and read to the children, all of them together, while we sipped hot chocolate WITH marshmellows. It was so much fun! Not only were we doing what we love to do books, but they were getting some science in at the same time because the books we chose taught us about animals in the winter. Where do fish and frogs go when it's cold? What do the deer and birds eat when it's winter? etc.

See the picture below to find out what books we chose. We have a lot of really great winter themed books. The ones below are just a few of our favorites.

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